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Having Troubles Hearing

The original reason for my trip to California was to photograph the 5th annual Jousting Championship, “The World’s Oldest Extreme Sport!”

Angels Camp, which hosted the medieval event this past weekend, also happens to be home of Mark Twain’s famous Jumping Frog Jubilee. Yep, I was in “Frogtown!”

While researching my project, I came along this battle royale and it piqued my interest. It’s one thing to dress up in Renaissance garb. But it’s another thing entirely to charge each other on horses with spears. Seemed like Darwinism at work.

I thought I’d bring my audio recorder to collect sound for a multi-media project. It’s the rave for all American newspapers and online sites. And when Brian Storm talks about it, I get it. I really do. Seeing him and Meredith from in Perpignan got me fired up to give it another shot.

But it’s not what I want to do. And I remembered this as I’m trying to take photos while also trying to collect sound, my Bose headphones getting entangled with my camera strap and microphone.

I finally stuffed all my recording crap in my bag and stashed it in the bushes.

I have no problem with Multi-Media (“MM”), but I have too much respect for quality broadcast journalism – like NPR – to think I can do that AND photography at a high level. Hell, I’m still trying to get to a higher level with my photography!

In the past, I’ve worked with Bruce shooting photos as Rob Finch collected and produced audio at football games. That teamwork worked. And that’s the recipe for success every news outlet should use: both visual and audio journalists working in tandem.

But with a limited amount of time and resources, I don’t want to waste my efforts doing a half-assed job with both photos and audio in the desire to do something that would look simply fine on a newspaper web site.

Anyway, there would have been some nice audio at this event, with the trash-talking in faux British accents, galloping horses and harp music.

I sure hope someone else thought to record it so I could add it to my gallery…

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