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Thinking Outside the Soap Box

Winding down after a fun afternoon in the Fremont District of Seattle. Drove up for the weekend to shoot a Soap Box Derby (sponsored by Red Bull).

Seattle is an amazing city, full of character and characters. (And Red Bull.) One of the police officers working the show (who casually pocketed a free can of Red Bull) said that Fremont didn’t need a soap box derby to be weird. Guess then that this was an average day…

Shooting car races (of all shapes and sizes) is generally pretty lame (even if they have cans of Red Bull on the hood). You shoot with a fast shutter, and the car looks as though it could be parked. If you pan, well, it’s OK but always the fallback. Something other than the action usually makes for the photo. Don’t think I got anything great from the actual races.

Tons of peeps were glued to the TV screens replaying action from the races. I found myself drawn more to the fans than to the action.

If there was “a play of the game,” I didn’t have it. Wasn’t really looking for it. Figured whatever I stumbled into would do the trick.

God, it feels good not to work for a newspaper…

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