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Monthly Archives: October 2007

The MikeDavis Touch

I’ve often joked that The Oregonian brought in all these crazy, talented peeps from across the U.S. to be my friend here in Portland. Jamie, Motoya, Finch, Torsten. Great photogs and even better people. (I’d put Bruce on that list, but he’s from Spokane. Too close, dog.) What every photographer craves is to have a […]

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Dial LV for Murder

A last second freelance job in Vegas opened the door to catch a modest tournament of quad rugby (aka “Murderball”). Thanks to TBrown for giving me the heads up on that and letting me join her. As mentioned before, shooting folks in cars or chairs or wheelchairs can be rough if you have high expectations. […]

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Title Case

Jesuit High School is the most successful sports program in Oregon, and it’s not even close. • Coaches recruit top shelf players from other school districts. • Boosters make sure there’s always plenty of cash for new facilities. • The kids? They simply win. And win. And then again. Last year when I was covering […]

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