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Title Case

Jesuit High School is the most successful sports program in Oregon, and it’s not even close.

• Coaches recruit top shelf players from other school districts.
• Boosters make sure there’s always plenty of cash for new facilities.
• The kids? They simply win.

And win. And then again.

Last year when I was covering a game for the paper, I was stunned to see their trophy cases (plural). One case is completely stuffed with plaques. Then you realize it’s just for 2nd place finishes. Oh, OK…

The one for district titles is as long as a locker bank (below).

The Crusaders have so many trophies in that case, they have to place them at an angle to accommodate. They dominate at every sport.

The glass case for the state titles feels like that of any school – even like Metro League rival Glencoe High, where I went to school – except that ours was full of newspaper clips and runner-up finishes and ribbons and photographs and banners to make it look more impressive. Like padding a bra with tissue.

Jesuit needs no padding. Not for the 71 titles since 1967.

That’s almost 2 titles every year, people.

In comparison, we cherished our 1984 boys basketball title at Glencoe like Portland relishes the 1976-77 Blazers’ championship season. Winning state – at anything – was once every decade at best. Once.

I’m not much for still life images, so I really can’t figure out if I accomplished what I wanted. All I know is I wanted a pic of their displays because it’s off the fucking hook…

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