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Dial LV for Murder

A last second freelance job in Vegas opened the door to catch a modest tournament of quad rugby (aka “Murderball”). Thanks to TBrown for giving me the heads up on that and letting me join her.

As mentioned before, shooting folks in cars or chairs or wheelchairs can be rough if you have high expectations. The visual novelty (for able-body folks) is seeing someone in a wheelchair. But standing or moving, photos often look the same. Many moments seem peaceful and poetic.

Despite the nickname “Murderball,” there were no dead people. Or even blood. A couple scratches at best. Quad rugby is more about positioning and passing. Some nice metal-to-metal bumps, but nothing that was so visually overwhelming it was a slam dunk. Unlike the documentary, “Murderball,” the emotion was at a minimum. Maybe that’d be different at a larger tournament.

So, I do what I normally do: try not to force things and photograph what is there. And there were many quiet moments. Maybe more than what one would expect at an event with “murder” in the title, but in some ways, it’s even more interesting.

The unexpected usually is…

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