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Wham-O! The Slip ‘n Slide!

Today, Oregon did what it does best.

It rained.

(Might sound strange, but the weather here in Oregon has been pretty nice overall. Thank global warming for that.)

Anyway, the wet weather was perfect for muddy cycle cross photos. The riders were buzzing with chatter at the starting line, eager to tackle the slick course.

The fans, many of them spouses and/or racers in other divisions, supported bikers through grueling mud. A few had cow bells. One had a funny bike horn that sounded like a duck farting. Whatever it takes.

Not as wild or wacky or weird as Redneck Games, but still a lot of fun. And mud!

Bumped into some friends, too. Leo and Jack with their folks Tim and Sara. I missed Tim’s race, so I have a reason to return.

Some photos don’t seem to have anything to do with sports. And yet they have everything to do with it. Here’s a father chopping wood for a small fire to keep warm during the race.

While shooting, I kept thinking of how I might have shot this differently in years past. I probably would have shot with a long lens and tried to clean up the background, make things look as nearly perfect as possible.

Now, those power lines and crap in the photo, they’re important. If I shoot it clean, you might think it were in rural Oregon rather than suburban Portland. Hell, this race was right next to a Fred Meyer’s.

Rain, earth, nature, cyclists. And One-Stop Shopping.

Props to Finch for getting cycle cross on my radar.

  • S. Dulai - December 13, 2007 - 3:54 pm


    Thank you.


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