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The Crying Game

I watched a crazy football game today on the TV. No. 1 LSU, with its eye on the national title game, lost at home to unranked Arkansas. In 3 overtimes!

The dramatic plays, the raw emotion, the ups and downs, watching it all got me jonesing for more.

So I checked online and found a local prep playoff game: #1 Lakers (9-0) hosting #3 Irish (9-1).

Ok, Oregon is beautiful. And we don’t have arctic winters like Wisconsin, but shit it was cold tonight. Many, many, many, many times, I was wondering why I wasn’t indoors under warm covers reading.

As I’d hoped, I bumped into a former colleague @ The O. I love Steve Nehl. We would bust each other’s balls so much, our boss actually thought we hated each other. That always (ALWAYS) made us laugh.

Steve is old school, he’ll tell you that himself. When we’d work together at games, I’d often go for a different angle in the stands. He’d trash-talk me, saying the only spot worth having was on the field with a long lens. Back and forth. All the time. I loved it.

When I saw Steve tonight, he said the light was better on the other side of the field, but that it was also much, much colder without the stands blocking the wind.

I then gave him so much shit until he walked over there with me.

Not sure what I was hoping to accomplish tonight, other than perhaps to stay busy making photos. I’ve shot my share of football games, so many in fact that it’s hard to come up with something different.

But one thing I’ve learned – and it echos in my head at every event I want to blow off – you can’t make a picture if you’re not there.

So, of course, the game is kind of lame. It’s close, but drags on forever. Did I mention it’s cold?

The undefeated Lakers took a 7-point lead late in the game. I started photographing the visiting Irish fans as they watched their team pull off an impressive 4th-down play in the final minute.

Then with 17 seconds left, the Irish scored a TD and made the PAT (why wouldn’t they go for 2 for the win??) to force OT.

The Lakers had a chance to force a 2nd OT, but the PAT was blocked. The Irish win and advance.

Not really following any rules, but I felt like spending those valuable moments right after a game with the losing squad.

And for the 2nd time today, a top-ranked football team lost at home in OT.

Thank Baby Jesus it wasn’t 3 OTs! I wasn’t wearing long johns.

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