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Coke Addicts

Don’t believe the hype.

Mormons are addicted to Coke.

Saw it with my own eyes in Ogden during halftime of a Weber State/BYU women’s basketball game. There was the longest line of kids with wadded-up dollar bills waiting to buy popcorn and caffeinated colas.

Several grade school classes were shipped to the game for a noon tipoff. On a Wednesday, no less. Without the kiddies, there would have been about 13 paid fans.

The kids were very obedient when it came time for the National Anthem. Very vocal throughout the game. And very stoked for free tees.

During halftime, Frank Layden, the former coach of the Jazz, preached to the kids about loving God, being a good family member and avoiding drugs & alcohol. What a surreal sermon at a sporting event.

He also told the kids to eat well, which is ironic because he’s pretty overweight. Also funny because many of the kids couldn’t hear him while in line for junk food.

After the game, Detrick and I grabbed Greek food @ Big Jim’s Burgers. I ordered an XL Coke to wash down my gyro.

  • Chris Detrick - January 30, 2011 - 5:53 pm

    Probably the closest I will ever be to jesus.


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