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Snowbirding In God’s Country

Not sure what it is – especially since I’m not a horse whisperer or anything – but this is the 2nd consecutive December I’ve shot polo. Or a sport resembling it.

Last year at this time, I was earning a well-deserved tan in Buenos Aires. Argentina’s national pastime is pato, which translates as “duck.”

It’s similar to polo and basketball. Instead of a small ball and mallet, players use their hands to toss around a soccer ball with leather handles, aiming to score in a large, vertical basket.

Back in the days, they used a stuffed duck, ergo the name pato.

This year, I drove to Aspen via SLC to cover the 8th Annual World Snow Polo Championships. No tan this time, only chapped lips. The setting and weather were awesome.

The first day I shot from the ground – literally – lying on my stomach for most of the afternoon. The second day, I borrowed a ladder for a different angle.

Before driving home, I spent a day skiing with Detrick at Snowbird Ski Resort outside of SLC. The skiing may easily be the best (and only??) reason to live in Utah. Unless you like your beer watered down…

I kept getting distracted on my slow plow technique with the stunning scenery. Chris has pictures of me skiing, but I’ll spare myself the embarrassment.

Chris, a rock star skier, was patient with me, which was cool of him. Though at times he tried to lure me onto the black diamond trails.

In every picture I took of him skiing, Chris is sporting a huge shit-eating grin.

I’m fascinated by watching people at ski resorts. People are always in a great mood, smiling, laughing, telling tales of trails, etc. It’s as if they’re more at home on the mountain that at home in the hood.

Everyone feels like an important member of the community. They all share the same love affair. I want to revisit this topic again soon…

From Evel to Mormons to Snow Polo. A weird trifeta of a road trip. Thanks to Ash and CD for giving me the heads up on snow polo, a place to crash and the tasty homebrews.

  • Fly on the Wall - December 19, 2007 - 7:56 pm

    great stuff!

    thanks for letting me eat half your lunch.

    come again anytime.


  • Craig Mitchelldyer - December 19, 2007 - 8:05 pm

    I’m jealous of the skiing in utah, you suck. now that I know you can make it down a run, your coming up with me…come on, I know you’ve got nothing else to do :)


  • Joe Jaz - December 19, 2007 - 10:53 pm

    Tell me you didn’t drive through the 208 without giving me a shout. I hear there was a world-class croquet tourney in town…


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