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Wrestling With Good Photo Ops

A fun, weird, extended photo trip started nearly a month ago with an unlikely beginning: midget wrestling.

About a year ago, I had spotted some photos of Half Pint Brawlers, a troupe of midgets/dwarves with fake blood and crazy hijinks. Seemed like something to keep an eye out for.
While rereading my notes & calendar, I saw that the (No girls) Half Pints were stopping in Bend, Oregon at a small venue.
I drove out there, a day before leaving for England, to see if there was a photo.
Without dragging this on, it sucked. The performers were drunk, telling dumb jokes and starting an hour late.

Little action. No class. No creativity. The complete opposite of Kaiju.

I don’t feel like I made any good pix because I know I didn’t have any fun.

The event was so bad… “how bad was it??… it was soooo bad, folks who paid $20 to be there were leaving after the first half-hour.

I don’t regret going, because you never know if there’s a picture until you see for yourself. But I was a little pissed while driving back to Portland in time for my flight to London. It was a long 12-hour day for a lame event.

That brings me to yesterday here in Tampa, where happenstance leads me back to wrestling. While in Flo-rida for photos and friends, I end up stumbling upon a pro wrestling training center while meeting up with Melissa Lyttle, who was on assignment for the St. Pete Times.

As much as the midgets sucked, the WWE Divas rocked. Twelve hours of hell vs. one hour of bliss. Slam Fucking Dunk (TM).

Everyone there was super friendly, open-minded and fun. Recipe for photographic success.

I even met some Wrestling Royalty: Natalie Neidhart, upper left, who is the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. She’s also related to the British Bulldogs and a slew of other wrestlers. Fun woman.

There are so many events that photographers attend that have rules and regulations. But with Pro Wrestling, there are NO rules. Which meant that Melissa and I could jump into the ring – and stage a fake fight.

More stories from the road with my next caffeine buzz…

  • Michael - February 13, 2008 - 4:34 pm

    Wow, you’d think the total opposite if pondering shooting WWE training or midget wrestling. Cool stuff though.

    The undertaker was on a flight of mine a few months ago…that dude was freakin huge.


  • Tara - February 14, 2008 - 5:31 pm

    I find it pretty difficult to believe and midget wrestling was completely lacking in class. Come on!


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