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Weight Off Their Shoulders

Be honest. Who doesn’t love tough chicks?

Well, I found Ground Zero for strong women in Flo-rida, which is home to the only high school girls weightlifting tournament in the States.

OK, I didn’t find them. Chip (above) did last year while shooting a story for the NYT. After seeing his killer work on his blog, I decided to “borrow” his idea. We hit the tournament together this year. Had a blast, tons of photo ops just waiting for us to hit the shutter.

Girls of all sizes and hairstyles participated. It wasn’t just the beefy girls.

I’m not sure who spotted this group of girls first, me or Chip. Probably Chip. But we both shot the crap out of it. Kids having fun = money moments.

The energy built as the day went along. For a lot of the girls, it was a chance to PR. For those in the larger weight categories, it seemed like more was on the line.

My favorite photo came with one of the final lifts of a long, fun day of shooting. It’s why you stay until the very, very end.

Check out Chip’s vision from the day. He’s one of my favorite shooters.

I have some fucking talented friends.

  • Ron Tremain Images - March 30, 2008 - 3:28 pm

    These girls kick a$$ -literally! Just found your blog, very cool. If you are looking for the unlikely sporting event I suggest the “Native Olympics” held in Alaska every year. Very interesting stuff.
    -Ron Tremain


  • Tara - March 31, 2008 - 11:11 pm

    Boy, does that bring back memories. Whoa. It seems like yesterday all of a sudden.


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