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Not all women are created equally tough.

Found that out last month while shoot the PFL (Pillow Fight League) in Miami.
The PFL, based in T.O. (Toronto, Ontario, eh), has been on my radar for a little while. Seemed like there was potential for photos, but that it could also be marginal.
Turns out, it was pretty marginal.
Though once again, it gave me a great excuse to visit FLA and see friends, old and new alike. It was Melissa’s 31-er. Also got to finally meet Josh Ritchie (above) and Alex Berner/Boerner (below). We had a great time hanging, shooting and singing along to DAC.

Florida seems to be becoming my home away from Oregon, which makes me happy.

This trip started out as a two-fer. Before Miami, I was going to shoot a Machine Gun Shootout outside L’ville, KY. Of all things, the event was canceled due to flooding. Bummer. Was really looking forward to seeing and shooting alongside Eich and Greg Ruffing.
“Rain check” fellas?
The PFL was on display at Exxxxotica-Miami. (Was it 3 “x’s” or 4…????) The setting definitely trumped the surreal setting of a Trekkie convention. Though oddly enough, it had many of the same fans. Hm.

(An interesting sidenote: Melissa blogged about our experiences in Miami, using the term “p*rn star” as well as her friends’ names. So now, we’re all forever linked on the Internet with p*rnography. Finally…)

Everyone had a camera there. Every guy that is. Also available at the convention: teeth whitening. (TW-WTF?)

Anyway, aside from the Florida angle, I had hoped that maybe there would be some fun(ny) contrast between this sport of pillow fighting pitting tough, sexy women against each other and this sexed-up venue.

Instead, the fighting was not very well choreographed. Unlike Kaiju, the schtick was dull and uninspired.
Did the best I could during the two half-hour events we witnessed.

The polar opposite of the PFL may very well be the RCRG (Rat City Rollergirls), a roller derby league based in Seattle. I shot them 3 years ago and had a complete blast! Those ladies had/have a great program, lots of flare, and cool personae.

Of course, my favorite is Rettig 2 Rumble. By day, she works for King County. By night, she kicks ass on the skating rink.

Sadly, she is now retired – though she sounds like she’s found a new life coaching roller derby.

Shooting the RCRG really began my pursuit of fun and unusual sports. That great vibe continues today, despite occasional disappointments like pillow fighting.
Skate on!
  • m - May 16, 2008 - 12:52 pm


    it hasn’t happened yet. actually when i put in your name and p*rnstar your site comes up multiple times. how’d that happen? maybe soon my blog will be indexed though, and google will find the connection…

    what is all that flash i see? who are you? what have you done with my natural light loving friend, sol?

    oh and lastly, thanks for coming down to spend my 31st with me — in style. but seriously… is that the best picture you have of me? the one where i’m lost by a shallow depth of field and josh’s coolguy hat? dammit neelman…


  • Sol Neelman - May 16, 2008 - 7:05 pm

    Flash? FLASH??? No need to panic, M. Not a single frame has my flash. You know me better than that…

    Also for the record, I have tons of pics of you, but nothing better of Josh. He sure knows how to kill a frame! Ha…

    Best of luck on the Google Search.


  • ariel zambelich - May 27, 2008 - 3:24 pm

    if you love rat city so much, why don’t you follow them down to Stockton when they play against PCRG? no guarantees i’ll skate, but it’s a closer commute for me than seattle.



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