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No Photos?! Puh-leez…

Ok, so some folks here are a little camera shy. I don’t think this guard’s face at the Supreme Court of China is truly a state secret, but…

Kevin has left the country. Or at least I think he has. A silly plane cancellation Saturday night in Hong Kong meant another night in China for KG. He should be in Vietnam right about now. Should be…

One great thing about staying in a place for a long stretch of time is that you become more familiar with your surroundings and can revisit certain places.

On Wednesday with Kevin, we checked out that sports academy I shot a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, no buffed kiddie gymnasts for KG, but there was a chance for more pong.

And while walking the other day after Starbucks, I decided to see if there was anything going on at my favorite downtown slum.

After that, I wandered the streets, took a couple of subways and found myself at a skating rink we had discovered during that photog dinner on Monday.

The rest are some random images from around the city…

I bumped into some Paralympians at the Beijing Airport while seeing KG off. Will photograph some of them at practice (PRACTICE?!) on Monday, before heading to Qingdao (where they make Tsingtao beer) for a few days starting Tuesday. It’s supposed to be a nice, coastal resort – with a major German influence… ? Mein lieben!


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