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Everybody seems to be moving to Portland lately. Did I start some kind of a trend??

Rudy Fernandez, a once relatively-unknown 19-year-old Spaniard is joining the Trail Blazers this year. He emerged from the Olympics as a potential star. Drafting him a year ago is another great coup for perhaps the most exciting up-and-coming team in the NBA. (That might be the most hyphenated-paragraph I’ve ever written!)

The last time I saw Rudy in person, he was making it rain in Beijing for Team Spain. No rain for him in Portland today, but he was greeted at PDX by a small yet fun crowd of Blazers fans.

For a team that once shied away from the public, it caught my attention when the Blazers announced to the media Rudy’s travel plans a couple days ago. The Jail Blazers seems like a lifetime ago. Thank God.

Ironically, the flight was coming non-stop from Amsterdam. Could you imagine what JR “Easy” Rider or ‘sheed would look like flying in straight from a Dutch coffee shop?? They’d be walking around inside a cloud of marijuana exhaust a la Pig Pen.

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