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Crash Course in Heavy Metal

I LOVE foreign cultures. Maybe that’s why the South is so much fun. (rimshot!)
They have fascinating tribal events like Crash-a-Rama – a demolition derby redneck-style, which with proper eye and ear protection the whole family can enjoy.
One great thing about the South: the access. You’d think the opposite, but usually folks are very open about having their photograph taken. They’ll often go out of their way to help.¬†After a short meet-and-greet, Melissa and I had wrist bands granting us access to both the pit and tower.
At times – usually when heavy metal was colliding right in front of us – I’d think, “Hm, maybe we shouldn’t be standing here.” And then I’d inch in closer…

I have to say, I was a bit of a demolition derby rookie. And being a Yankee doesn’t help. A true redneck grows up breathing car exhaust and dodging flying clay chips.
This would be fun to photograph again, now that I got a feel for the way the event rolls.

Thanks again to Melissa for her Southern hospitality. She is a great friend to have watching over my Tampa bureau!
I also made a new friend on this trip: Addie Ann “Pocket Aces” Litherland. She is quite adorable. And even though both parents are super talented photographers, I’m more than a little concerned about her upbringing. Never too early to start the therapy, guys…

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