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Turkey Waddle

Nothing better than hearing, “You know, Sol, you should really come over and photograph us (fill in the blank with silly sporting activities for folks waaaaaaaaaay past their athletic prime)…”

So when Eric, a friend of a friend named Tara, mentioned their annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, I was drooling at the bit.

The idea is simple: have fun – and do it with a rubber glove full of cheap beer strung under your chin.

Each year, the number of events grows to remind folks the number of years they’ve been acting silly. This was the 9th year. (Let me do the math here…)

Among the events: a 3-legged race, two-person bicycling on two wheels, cornish hen beer bowling and cranberry spitting. To complete the race, you must (MUST) drink the contents of your rubber glove at the finish line. Nummy!

The most disgusting event, ironically, may well be the processed-turkey eating contest (photographs are too graphic to show here).

I’m trying to imagine Usain Bolt trying to stuff dry turkey slices down his throat with a PBR chaser midway through setting a world record in the 100 meters. And I can’t do it. Just can’t.

(See? Athletes take this so seriously, they even stretch out beforehand. Wouldn’t want to pull anything painful during the trot…)

I see a trend forming where folks, tired off trying to impress others simply with their physical skills, continue to morph sports to showcase their world class-level of beer consumption.

Extra credit should be given to those who choose quality brews over liquid urine… I’m just sayin’…

My thanks to E & T for inviting me to photograph their special olympics, as well as the olympians themselves for being fun and photogenic.

“Special” thanks goes out to Brent – for wearing a hat with his name on it.

Pure genius!

  • Tara - December 6, 2008 - 1:06 pm

    Huh. I thought you were waiting until you felt witty to post these. OH! Good times, that and for the record no one has ever broken a hip at the ‘Trot.


  • Rob Gauthier - December 8, 2008 - 8:22 pm

    Man, you are the awesomest! thanks for all your great work and inspiration. Don’t forget to call when you’re in LA.


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