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Feeling Lucky on Friday the 13th

Time to get this blog back on track.

And no bet-ter place than sharing images of my time hanging with horse racing fans at Santa Anita Race Track.

This past week I was in LA visiting clients and colleagues and cool cats. While having a late breakfast with photo pal David Noles – who’s doing top-shelf headshots for aspiring actors – I noticed a story in the LA Times Sport section. During this economy, the Santa Anita Park is having free Friday admissions for folks, plus $1 dogs and beers. Cheap fun and photo ops. Slam Fucking Dunk (TM)!

I met this guy, Harry, smoking what I called a victory cigar. This is his job, betting on the races 5 days a week. I asked him if he wins more than he loses, and he smiled while exhaling a cloud of smoke.

This day was a great photo day. Easy, accessible and fun.

It also easily offset a negative Thursday experience. I had scored photo passes for Lucha Vavoom, Mexican wrestling/burlesque in downtown LA. But after the initial approval, the folks at LVV wanted unlimited rights to my images in exchange for the credential. I explained that I was an editorial photojournalist, but that I’d be willing to offer up 6 small rez images for their web site, as a good-faith gesture of appreciation.

That wasn’t enough, they wanted more and weren’t willing to sacrifice a “prized spot” on the floor, since they had tons of schlomo photogs who would accommodate their greedy request. To make matters more frustrating, the main dude, Tim, refused to return my calls and even “hung up” on me over iChat when I sent him a digital greeting. Classy.

I’ve been very fortunate in the past, finding rational, helpful and friendly folks willing to open their doors to me for photography. The folks at Kaiju were AWESOME. And professional. (Take note, LVV.)

Thanks again to David for that comfy couch and tasty tacos. Great trips usually include great friends. This week in Los Angeles was no exception.

This Oregonian is happy he brought his rain jacket with him. LA was soggy and cold much of the week. What?! Really?

That’s not the case from my current location, where there’s nothing but warm sunshine and crashing waves. I’ll have another post ready to go pronto

  • Chris Ryan - February 24, 2009 - 2:08 pm

    Just think how much great exposure your missing out on by not letting LVV exploit your work. I’m sure they were willing to give you photo credit. What’s the problem?


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