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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Sync or Swim

The General wears many hats. One is teaching English to athletes in Beijing. During the Olympics back in August, she casually mentioned she tutored a talented diver. He ended up winning a gold medal. (Oh OK, he’s that talented.) She meets once a week with fencers in the very western part of Beijing, near the BMX […]

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Grandma’s Fridge

My Grandma, bless her heart, always had the messiest fridge. Part of the problem was that the light in the back had burned out years ago – and no one had the nerve to attempt replacing it. That would require emptying the fridge. It was packed tightly with nameless and unidentifiable morsels from meals gone […]

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Go Swallows!

On my final night in Tokyo, I caught another baseball game: Tokyo Swallows and the visiting Dragons. This time, I had company. Emily, a friend from Portland, happened to be in town. Turns out, too, that she LOVES baseball. So great serendipity all around for Japan! Here she is cheering on a HR. I spent more time […]

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