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Go Swallows!

On my final night in Tokyo, I caught another baseball game: Tokyo Swallows and the visiting Dragons.

This time, I had company. Emily, a friend from Portland, happened to be in town. Turns out, too, that she LOVES baseball. So great serendipity all around for Japan! Here she is cheering on a HR.

I spent more time enjoying this game and less time trying to work it. Maybe the photos reflect that. Though for photo ops, we did swap cheering sections more than once. The Dragons fans were great front-runners, but their team choked – and not the Swallows. (Hey, I didn’t make up their team name…)

There was a big difference between catching a game at the Tokyo Dome and the Swallows’ Jingu Stadium. The dome felt like a big league, American venue with tons of restaurants and souvenir shops. (Lots of ways to spend your hard-earned yen.)

Jingu felt more like a AA team’s rundown stadium with sparse fans and few shops. Still a great time.

Before the game, we had bumped into an American at an AM/PM getting a 6-pack of beer. You can bring your own beer? I asked him. “Yep, just like NASCAR.”


The week in Japan went quickly. Felt very productive and had a great experience. Even the cheap capsule inn (above) worked out great for what I needed (price, location and wifi). And yes, I had to leave the shades open so my feet could dangle outside my coffin…

On Tuesday, I treated myself to some local sushi. And I nearly cried, it was so insanely perfect. Wish you were here, Tara!

Happy and full in Japan. That’s what I call a Slam Fucking Dunk! (TM) trip.

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