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Monthly Archives: May 2009

May Allah Reward You (*)

This past week, I attended the Islamic Games outside of Trenton, New Jersey. Before I even introduced myself, I was warmly greeted with a hug by the event organizer, Salaudeen, with whom I had spoken on the phone many times. What a great way to start things off. My memory is sketchy, but I don’t […]

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Skate Bored Tricks

Back in the U.S. of A., I got TWEETED by my favorite roller derby diva, Rettig To Rumble. She was going to be in PDX for the regionals of the Speed Roller Skating Championships and was wondering if I was going. A corporate job, seeing the new Star Trek movie with Tara and being simply annihilated by jet […]

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Nothing to see here, move along…

I wanted to photograph dog fighting in China in large part because it’s a hot-button topic here in The States, especially in a post-Michael Vick world. I was curious if I could find it, and if I did, what it would be like. In China, dog fighting seems pretty common place. Gambling on fights make them […]

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