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When You Wish Upon A Star


Ok, I was stuck on a long, international flight recently and was forced to watch parts of “The Bucket List.” What a horrible movie for a couple of acting icons.

Still, I was thinking about that movie while attending my very first game at Dodgers Stadium. One HUGE check mark on my Bucket List.

As a kid, I was a HUGE baseball fan. Since Portland didn’t have an MLB team, I did what everyone else did: cheer for those I saw on TV in the World Series.

My choices in the late 70s were either the Yanks or the Dodgers. I went West Coast. It didn’t hurt that my friends did the same.

The most coveted baseball card among us was for a Dodgers first baseman with Popeye forearms and a confident stance in the batter’s box. We all learned much later that he also had a confident stance with the ladies, fathering kids out of wedlock. (This is for you, Noles.)


Anyway, I LOVED the Dodgers and always wondered what it’d be like going to Dodgers Stadium.

On this road trip – 31 years after falling in love with the Dodgers and 20 years after falling out of love with the Dodgers – I finally made it to my childhood Mecca.



We sat in the left field bleachers next to Miguel, who had this rad tattoo on his left elbow. (That had to really hurt, no?) He had been attending baseball games at Dodgers Stadium since his childhood. In fact, I got the impression he’s been sitting and living in the same seat since birth. While strolling down memory lane, he pointed to where the team of my youth played, which impressed me. My vantage point had always been from my living room.

The random fans of the A’s and Giants were routinely harassed. In NYC, they might have been beaten up. In LA, things are more mellow.






We stumbled across a family reunion in our section. What a great idea for a rendez-vous!

Of course, visiting Dodgers Stadium wouldn’t be the same without a Dodger Dog. An advantage of going as an adult is the honor of spending $10 for a beer. While grabbing a round of supplies, I met this woman behind the counter – who was scared shitless by my camera. I kind of felt that way about her Dodger Blue eyeliner






The Dodgers lost – but I won. What a great day. And thanks to Patricia and Dave (aka Dale) for joining me. Childhood dreams are meant to be shared.


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