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Re:cycling Photos


Every now and then, sports comes to me and not the other way around.

One Saturday in July (yeah, I’m running a little behind), while minding my own business and driving home, I saw hundreds of cyclists and family members around the Lloyd “Lloyd All Null In Void” Center. I parked my car and wandered over.

What I had stumbled upon was the finish line for the annual STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride.




A bunch of talented friends I know have been shooting¬†Cycle Cross in Portland. Not only do they photograph the events, they also participate. There’s a level of intimacy you can feel in their work. It’s their sport, their friends, their community. Humbling and inspiring work. And it’s of bicycling, not the most photographic of athletic activities. Like pro athletes in a zone, they make it look easy.

I had that project in the back of my mind while shooting this scene. Though this wasn’t my community, I enjoyed watching the family members wait and cheer for their people at the finish. For me, it was, literally, a quick drive-by scenario.

Shooting largely without a net (i.e. editor), I tend to post more images, not less. It’s my process, to see what might work and to see what people are drawn to. Often times, there are several in a series, each with something I like and see potential in. One example from this take is my series of kids high-fiving cyclists. I milked it like a farmer.

From now on, thanks to the advice from a couple photogs I respect, I’m going to try to weed my posts down a little while at the same time including a link for outtakes. So, if you can’t get enough and want to see more from this take, click here, yo.


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