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I have a couple photographic orphans needing a home.

The first image is of Anita playing Ladder Golf in her front lawn after hosting an annual pinewood derby with her husband, Rob. I’d never heard of Ladder Golf – a cousin of lawn darts and bocce – but I guess it’s big in the midwest. Go figure. Today I was reminded about this image while watching SportsCenter. They listed the top 3 popular sports for tailgaters at football games and Ladder Golf was one. Hm.

The other homeless image is from the poorly-named Oklahoma nightclub, Peckerheads. It was the only place open after the prison rodeo, a discothèque carved out from a former car dealership. While getting carded – are you kidding me? – I noticed kids playing beer pong to the side – with killer light and sweet color. SFD! ™

It was the first time I’ve seen people play beer pong without paddles. Players would simply toss a ball towards a cup of beer. Doesn’t seem very sporting, but I want the record to state that I have nothing to do with the rules at Peckerheads.

Out here in Portland, we play with paddles. I mentioned that and the kids in McAlester looked at me like I was from, well, Oregon.


  • Beer Pong - September 27, 2009 - 4:56 am

    Nice pics. While the Colorful game of Beer Pong is currently mainstream on the college circuit and in many bars of playing without paddles, you are probably more familiar with the original version. Check out my site for the style of play you might recognize.


    -Beer Pong Guru


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