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Tis the season for complete silliness, right? Find me a sillier city than Las Vegas.

With BIG UPS to TBrown, I’ve had the annual Santa Run in Silly City on my iCal for over a year. And what’s great about this race: it’s the day before the Las Vegas Marathon. (I foresee another post in my near future.)

Two weird sporting events + a great friend + Vegas = A Slam Fucking Dunk Weekend!



For whatever reason, I’m still waking up early each morn. Might need to see a doc about that. But I was ready to rock and roll this Saturday morning, having turned in early the night before – in LAS VEGAS. So sinful.

I originally thought that the race was downtown, at the old strip. Turns out, that was last year. This year, they migrated to a mall near the airport. Not ideal, but in some ways it was: a nice, warm lounge at the Borders cafe was spitting distance from the starting line.




In typical Vegas fashion, there was a live band blaring 80’s cover songs at 8 a.m.! Talk about the city that never sleeps. I milled around until the 10 o’clock start time. Did I mention it was super chilly? I barely, just barely, brought enough layers to keep me alive.

Once it started, I found myself photographing, well, runners. Obviously, there’s the novelty with the costumes. And volume of costumes. But I preferred the moments before and after the race to anything I shot during it.






What I loved about this run: everyone had a great time there. It was an excuse for folks to be silly and to be a character, albeit the same exact one.


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