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The ultimate endurance race may very well be the Las Vegas Marathon. Where else can you get married during the race?

Vegas never fails to disappoint on the surreal, right?

At the 3.5 mile marker, just outside the Paris casino, dozens of couples gathered for a group wedding service at the Run-Thru Wedding Chapel. It was short, sweet and to the point.

I so wish I could have made a decent frame with one of the small handful of Running Elvi in attendance. Just couldn’t make it work. Oh well.



The race started at O-dark-thirty, 2 hours before the service. It was super chilly. (Colder than that.) Working the scene made me forget about frostbite. Once the sun made an appearance, life got better. The Vegas Strip, closed down for the race, was quickly littered with gloves from over-heating runners.




Perhaps Vegas is the only city that can host a blaring concert before sunrise. Everything there is BIG and LOUD. Celine Dion & Blues Brothers impersonators entertained the masses – and freezing photographers – at the start of the race. A funny way to start the day.

Along with TBrown, who had the experience and foresight to secure us both bicycles, we pedaled along the strip looking for features.






I was honored to be working alongside Tiffany for her first assignment on the job after surgery on her shoulder. The world with TBrown at anything other than 200% is not a world I want to be a part of.

Welcome back, shooter!


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