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Skimming Off The Top

Weird Sports Season is officially in full throttle.

This past weekend, I made a quickie trip to Colorado to shoot the annual Pond Skimming Championships in Vail with good photo phriend Rob Mattson.

I think the real rules to this sport involve having as much fun as possible in costume while wiping out in spectacular fashion in a pool of chilly water. But for those keeping score at home, the goal is to reach the end of the water runway standing up. Right…

Snowboards had zero chance of winning. In fact, only about 5 skiers in the field of roughly 100 advanced to the finals. But again, I think that everyone there was a winner.

As with many of these wild, weird sporting events comes sponsorship. Companies are no fools: go where there is fun and sun and silly. Rockstar ruled the world. Free swag for everyone.

With the splash factor and everything, I had some more flashbacks to shooting Rednecks, also with Rob. Thankfully – and ironically – water is less destructive than Georgia red mud.

While waking up before my Monday flight home, the Mattsons had Barney on TV for their youngin, Henry, below. In short, one girl was upset that she wasn’t as good a painter as her friends. But encouraged by some creepy faux French painter, she learned to be the best that she can be and do so while having fun.

Still trying to lose the hypnotic “I love you, you love me…” from my memory, but the message is a valuable one: Do what you love and have fun doing it.


This trip turned into a great foto fix – not just visually but also socially. Aside from The Mattsons, my gracious hosts, I spent some time hanging with THE Mr. Matt Slaby, below. The equally-hairy Chris Detrick was even in town covering the Jazz/Nuggs playoff series.

Then there was that well-timed poker game hosted by a former intern at The O, Chris Schneider. Thanks for helping support my travels with that wacky chase-the-queen card game. That was fun – and lucrative.

And best of luck to one of the newest Schlomos on the planet, Sol Sebastian Gutierrez. Can’t wait for you to be old enough to tell me stories of growing up with your old man. Heaven help you.

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