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Getting Soft

So, I told some friends Sunday I was going to shoot croquet and they said, “What’s the catch? You don’t shoot regular croquet. You don’t shoot regular sports.” They got a point.

BUT, every now and then I have the excuse to enjoy a sunny day with friends and photograph normal sports. That’s how I found myself following Mondo Croquet with some good old fashioned softball.

Batter up!

It goes without saying, I love people that love sports. My friend, Emily, is in that group. We had a blast seeing baseball in Japan. And watching her play softball might have been cooler. Sadly, there wasn’t any sushi or squishy Japanese hotdogs served for softball fans in Westmoreland.

How do you say “disappointing” in Japanese?

Pro sports are cool. But can you smoke in right field? Um, no. Not since the 90s. Can you pound beers between innings? That’s also a negatory.

Thanks to Team Dots for letting me hang out and not requiring me to wear a neon orange media bib.

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