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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Hogs Gone Wild

You’d think after a long self-assignment and you find yourself still caked with pig slop in your ear, it’d be a shitty day. And you’d be right, it was a shitty day, a wonderfully shitty day. If you’re going to get filthy, do so in Wisconsin, home of Hog Wrassling, part of the annual Wild […]

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Masking Reality

When stars align, life is, well, life is fabuloso. And that’s how, while in LA for Lifeguard Championships, I also found myself shooting local Lucha Libre on a lazy Sunday evening. And not only did Nolesy give me the heads up on that visual gem, but earlier over Sunday morning coffee, he casually mentioned that […]

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Let’s Get Real

I know this is stupid. But sometimes I forget that people – real people – go to games. They’ll buy tickets and parking, food and beer. And they’ll have a great time. Well, that’s what I did Saturday night in LA, catching a soccer game as a fan with friends, Rob & Renée. Real Madrid […]

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