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The Magnificent Seven

Holy cow. What happened to my summer?

Editing through 10 years of sports file photos ate a big chunk of it. Shooting fun sports ate up another.

While fall is now upon us, I thought it’s due time to play catchup and post some missing photos from the Summer of 2010.

In July, for the 3rd straight year, I had the pleasure of tag-teaming with a bunch of talented friends to shoot the 7On high school football tournament held on the Nike Campus.

Access to the players is simply awesome. Makes shooting college or pro seem so unattractive. I can wander onto the field during the game and huddle up with players on the sidelines. A few of these teams I saw before. A few players recognized me and smiled. Feels good to feel at home.

Rather than repeat myself on what it’s like to shoot this event, I thought I’d simply share these recent photos. To read past poetic entries, here’s the link for 2008. And for 2009.

Thanks to the kids for making great photos. Thanks to Nike for being great hosts. And special thanks to my Hebrew Hombre, Dan Root, for being so dialed in on this show. Working with him reminds me of the fun I had tag-teaming with Thunderbird on football games for the paper.

  • Cousin Kim - October 1, 2010 - 7:22 am

    Love the photos– the player splayed out on the ground with the football being held by the shadow man is cool! Pure genius!


  • Ty Frey - October 20, 2010 - 9:36 pm

    Nice moments. Your shots always utilize negative space in interesting ways.


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