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Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Fire Away.

Back in May, I traveled cross country to shoot what was – at the time – the largest dodgeball game in the world. That was cool and all. But damn if dodgeball isn’t also literally in my backyard.

I’ve had Funday Monday at Col. Sanders Park on my radar for some time, even bookmarking it on my calendar, as if I could forget it happens every Monday.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get motivated for something I can walk to. It’s always there. What’s the rush, right?

Well, here it is, finally.

One of the things that makes the PDX version of dodgeball better is that the court is much more intimate. Less hiding spots. In NYC, folks hung out in the back of the spacious volleyball court, letting others take the fall for them. Smart, but not quite the spirit of this game.

PDX cats go all-out. And are always ready for more.

Most of the players are regulars. Most are friends. There are some aggro players, but for the most part there doesn’t seem to be much animosity.

When the clock strikes 10 pm, the automated court lights suddenly go out. The surrounding area is pitch black. Players groan that it’s over, yet cheer in celebration of yet another kick ass time.

Until the next Monday.

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