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Yearly Archives: 2010

Little Green Monstah

If you build it, yeah, people will come. Who wouldn’t? How many chances you get to step up to the plate at Fenway Park? Ok, like many XXXL rappers, we should definitely add “Lil’” when describing this whiffle ball field of dreams located in picturesque Vermont. Little Fenway is the dream of Pat O’Connor, who […]

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My Name Is Mud

There are 3 themes that continue to reappear inside my weird sports bubble: costumes, horses and mud. Hey, I go where the pictures tell me. And so that’s how I ended up in New England, photographing the annual World Championship Mud Bowl in Conway, New Hampshire. There’s a great feeling when, after self-funding a cross-country […]

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Fire Away.

Back in May, I traveled cross country to shoot what was – at the time – the largest dodgeball game in the world. That was cool and all. But damn if dodgeball isn’t also literally in my backyard. I’ve had Funday Monday at Col. Sanders Park on my radar for some time, even bookmarking it […]

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