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Playin’ Dirty Pool

Who says there’s no money in weird sports?

Ok, maybe you can’t double your money and make it stack. But you can still have fun with fundraisers, which is exactly what a gymnastic club in Redmond, Oregon decided to do. They hosted their 5th Annual Mud Volleyball tournament alongside a corn field looking over Smith Rock.

Better believe it. If you build it, they will come.

Just like with mud football, I arrived to the scene all smiles. Not just because kick ass photo friend Julia Robinson was there holding fort. But also because of how well this modest tournament dressed up their volleyball pits. Visual gold to be mined from every angle.

Some of the larger weird sports tournaments I cover should step back and recognize.

I also had flashback to trashing a perfectly-functioning 5D II in a rice paddy in ‘nam. (What a klutz!) Thankfully, my gear was relatively mud-free this day. Me, not so much.

The action started at 9am, meaning the best light arrived before I was really awake. There was great energy everywhere. Every now and then, I’d come across some kids doing insane handstands and the like. Then I remembered that these girls were no doubt part of the gymnastic class.

Oh yeah, I’m sharp. I have a Poynter education. 

And as with the Rednecks, they held a mud pit belly flop. Nothing too over the top, but still good fun.

I want to thank the Pacific NW for being a wonderful foundation in weird sports.

One of the organizers told me that she patterned this tournament after a similar one in O-hi-o. I love the excuse to travel far and wide. But sometimes, it’s nice just to be on familiar land.

And thanks to Jules for perfectly timing a surprise trip to Oregon. Well done.

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