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Dirty Minded People

The day after photographing some good clean fun in Ogden, I shot The Dirty Dash, a 10K muddy fun run in BFUtah.

What’s the fun of being clean if you can’t get a little dirty?

My approach to these obstacle courses is pretty straight forward: camp out where all the elements are coming together. Morning sunlight, mist machines, mud and soaked runners. All those elements came together near the start of the race.

I’d have been happy if this was the only thing I was allowed to shoot. And then I saw rainbows.

I’m big on milking a scene, especially when rainbows are involved. And since there was an endless number of heats this day, I could stick around as long as I wanted, knowing that another group of runners was not far behind.

At one point during the day, there were runners at every step of the race, one wave of visual goodness after another.

Much of the course was literally off the beaten path. So after photographing the mud pit at the finish, I casually backtracked to see what kind of goodness was to be had. Turns out there was plenty.

It was a great day of visual goodness and goofiness made only better by photographing The Dirty Ash in action.

Goes without saying that Ashley has definitely seen cleaner days.

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