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To Have And To Hold. ‘Till Death Do Us Part.

Ok, I’ve been at this Weird Sports thing for over 6 years and counting. Yet I’m only now – finally – able to say I photographed one of the Top 10 Weird Sports of ALL-TIME.

Yo Wife Carrying: Whereya been all my life?

Husbands carry their better halves around an obstacle course, which includes a rude, wooden hurdle and a sloppy mud pit.

The sport originates from Finland, the land of my Grandpa George’s people. But I never seem to recall him carrying around my grandmother like this. (Thank God.)

There are tales that back in the day, Finnish men carried their wives around as aerobic workouts (really?) OR they stole women from neighboring villages, to make them their brides (seems more likely to me). Regardless, today it’s a full fledge Weird Sport.

Some couples were celebrating an anniversary this particular weekend. Others a honeymoon. A few a divorce. (I kid.)

Access to the event was awesome. The media contact on scene, Darcy, couldn’t have been cooler. When I asked if we needed press credentials, she simply laughed. Just stay out of the way and have fun, that was her advice. Again, whereya been all my life?

I told Darcy about my good friends stuck wearing bright red vests along Pac-10, er, Pac-12 football sidelines – as if they were rogue ex-cons. We both had a good laugh at that. I guess common sense can’t exist everywhere.

Like all the cool kids, Sunday River Resort, in a remote area of Maine, has recognized how cool Weird Sports are. Hosting the North American Wife Carrying Championships is a perfect way to draw in the tourists – and media.

Fifty couples raced, two at a time, which lasted a couple hours total. The rest of the time was spent drinking, eating and buying local crafts.

(BTW, you misspelled the sign. It should read “Finnish,” yo.)

Winning is well-rewarded at wife carrying. The championship couple receives the wife’s weight in beer and five times her weight in cash.

Take that to the bank.

I love being a part of such a close-knit photo community. Met up with APADer & WKU student, Kristin Clements, in NYC. She volunteered to join me on the road trip up to Maine to make a video of me in action.

It was also a perfectly timed to hang with all the foliage nerds out there in New England. Changing colors, holla.

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