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Queens Reich

I got an email from an editor the other day telling me that I have way too much fun. You think?

The fun continued on my recent visit to the nation’s capital, when I caught up with the funniest street race on the planet.

Of course it involved drag queens.

Of course.

The race is short and sweet, down a half dozen blocks in Washington, D.C. The gathering is less a race and more a fashion show than anything else. Dozens of drag queens posed proudly for photos, literally for hours before start time.

If you’ve got the goods, flaunt ’em, honey.

My memory is total crap. But one thing I do (sorta) remember is a comment at a photo conference by a National Geographic (?) photographer (who and where? I can’t remember). He (I do remember he was a he), he said that he didn’t understand why photographers try to correct for fluorescent lights, which produce a green tone when using daylight-balanced film/settings. This green drives many a photographer nuts.

“Green is a color,” he said. His point: nothing is perfect, especially photography. Don’t try to make it so. Simply step back and record, yo.

So that’s what I was thinking about when taking photos this night with ambient light from street lamps. REGURGITATED PUMPKIN ORANGE is a color, too, I told myself.  And I was going to own it.

That said, I was already thinking about the CMYK conversion if any of these images makes the cut for Weird Sports Vol. 2.

Ah, fuck it.

I was once again very fortunate to be accompanied by good friends this night. Seeing Sara Lewkowicz next to Rachel Mummy is pretty fucking epic. Both are talented, hilarious women. One unabashedly opinionated with a wonderfully raspy East Coast accent. One very sweet and soft spoken from the Midwest. If you know these two, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Matty Roth, who was also in our entourage, is very quick to make friends while taking photos. Especially this night. Had some funny flashbacks to Geekfest Denver. And if you were there, you also know exactly what I’m talking about.

Why do Weird Sports make photographers so fucking happy?

The race, well, I didn’t make a good frame of the race itself. But that’s quite alright. This night, I was more a fashion photographer than sports shooter.

This night proved there’s an undeniable truth in life: People go GAGA for drag queens.

What’s not to love?

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