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Weirdness Loves Company

I simply love shooting with my friends. (That’s me with Bittle after photographing Tugfest across the Mighty Mississippi.)

Thankfully, I have über kühl friends all over the place, some of whom I was able to twist their arm and join me for some Weird Sports.

And while I saw A TON of great foto friends this past year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pics of those that went into battel with me.

TBrown-Anderson at Kaiju in Vegas. (Kaiju, I love you.)

The New-Look Heart Foundation: Brian Valentin and Rob Hart at Redneck Fishing in Illinois.

Tamika Moore and her hairy chest at the 5K Oktoberfest (David) Hustlehoff in Denver.Kristin Clements disrespecting her elders at Wife Carrying in Maine.

Dan Root (Half of the Hebrew Hammers) at a Santa Speedo Run in PDX.

Native Oregonian Josh O’Connor also at the Santa Run.

The most unlikely pairing on the planet: Sara Lewkowicz and Rachel Mummey at Drag Queen Racing in DC.

Joshua Lott and Eric Thayer at Running with the Bulls in AZ.

Rockst*r Nick Oza with us at the Bulls in AZ.

Matt Mills McKnight pitched me a weird sport in Sandpoint (Skijoring) and now he’s famous and on my blog.

Andy DeLisle (with daughter Amaya) was my host in AZ and comrade at the bulls.

Zombie shooter Matt Roth at the 5k Run For Your Lives outside of Baltimore.

Kim Shively at a local Lucha Libre match in Denver.

Heidi Hoffman also at the 5K Hustlehoff during a break at Geekfest Denver.

Laura Jennings checking out speedos in PDX.

Julia Robinson loving Oregon at Mud Volleyball in Redmond.

Ashley Detrick shooting a really weird sport in Utah – girls basketball.

Eich and Greg Ruffing in Louisville before a Machine Gun Shootout.

Thomas Prior at the shootout.

Eich and Andy Spear and me recovering in Ohio after the shootout.

Rob Mattson at the Casket Races in Colorado.

Slaby blocking the sun at the Casket Races.

Erika Schultz photographing in the wrong direction at Xtreme Pencil Fighting in Seattle.

Gerik asked me recently why I love photographing with friends. It has to do with feeling a part of a community, of sharing the joy. This isn’t a competition. For me, it’s a celebration.

Being a freelancer can be pretty lonely. But it doesn’t always have to be. Freelance means you’re in charge of your life.

Want to shoot rednecks blowing up shit? Or husbands schlepping their wives through a mud pit? Or live monster wrestling at a Vegas casino? Fuck yeah you do. And fuck yeah, you can!

I’m really excited about 2012. I foresee many more memorably adventures on the horizon.

Ok, friends. Time to suit up.

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