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Undercover Assignment

A few weeks ago, I shot lingerie basketball in the City of Angels.

(Sometimes I wonder if I even need words for my posts.)

The Lingerie Basketball League had been on my radar for some time. Most of their games are held in a dark dungeon. But before their season, they play an exhibition double-header on the famed courts of Venice Beach.

Blue skies and money light for basketball? Done and done.

Sandwiched between a couple gigs in Portland, I literally flew into LAX like a rock star for 7 hours before returning home.

The games were delayed by some of the worst (men’s) street ball I’ve ever seen. Painful to watch. And it dragged on waaaaaaay too long. Didn’t they know I had a flight to catch?

Ironically, the women played a much better brand of basketball. Not saying they’d beat the guys, but they were competitive, skilled and played with smarts, if not tons of layers.

For obvious reasons, I had some flashbacks to shooting lingerie football a couple years ago. Honestly, it felt a little creepy photographing women in lingerie in a public setting. And it’s difficult for me to know which photos work on their own, or if they’re solely dependent on the visual gimmick. Or if it even matters.

I’ve shot a few hundred basketball games over the years, so I feel very comfortable around a basketball court. Though I’ve never really had such amazing light like this before. Part of what I was looking for was a photo that looked very much like regular basketball action. And I was also searching for some irony. I look forward for Mike Davis editing this take, because I’m not sure what really works – and how well.

Many thanks to my good friend Kevin Sullivan for joining me in this very, um, brief day of weirdness.

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