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WEIRD SPORTS by Sol Neelman ($113 Limited Edition)


First, I would like to thank everyone that’s supported this book project on weird sports. I have felt your love. Seriously. I can’t tell you how much that truly means to me.

Weird Sports becomes available on the U.S. book market starting April 10, 2012.

However, for those around the globe who can’t wait – and really, how can you? – you can get your copy now. Yes. Now. I am selling an early-bird, limited edition from my private reserve: 113 copies for $113, plus s/h (Priority Mail).

(What can I say? 13 is a lucky number for me.)

Included with the signed, numbered photo book is a signed, archival 8.5 x 11″ color print. Pick one out of 5. (But wait. That’s not all.) You will also receive a custom luchador mask. There are now 6 NEW options to choose from. (see images below, yo.)

For those interested in scoring this special deal, you can order directly from this page. (See that yellow “Pay Now” button? Press it.) If you want more than one copy, simply return to this page after your first transaction goes through. Cool? Cool.

If you plan to pick up your copy from me in person (like in Portlandia), please order your copies by clicking here to avoid s/h costs.
Weird up, yo! And thanks.



There are 6 custom luchador masks to choose from:

And these are the 5 print options:

You have choices to make. So make them. What would you like with your limited edition copy of Weird Sports?


Limited Edition Price
Choose Your Luchador Mask
Choose Your 8.5 x 11″ Archival Print
Your Message (optional, yo)

(Again, if you want an additional copy, please return to this page and go through this same drill an additional time.)



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